dagn tech tips: sending SMS with the terminal

rerr hackig

ok so basically you ever wish you could send SMS by command line?


well here's how anyway

you will need

  • an pinephone (or idk similar device which has a modem in it)

list all the modems to get your modem ID

sudo mmcli -L

set up the message (there are 2 steps here for some reason this could just be one step but whatever)

sudo mmcli -m <modem id> --messaging-create-sms="number=+1234567890,text='hello world'"

you should get a message like

Successfully created new SMS: /org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/SMS/<X>

now, take the SMS <X> number and send it

sudo mmcli -m <modem id> --sms <X> --send

that's basically it. yea