Kara And The Dragon

Crows on the trees sang forever more.

There sunk the sun, swallowed the moon that sung it’s tune longing for sky. There lay the day that became night. Mother went into Kara’s room. “Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” mother said, blowing her a kiss. But there were to many thoughts, going through Kara’s head. So the mother went, and sat on Kara’s bed. “It’s the third night in a row, perhaps a book for you to read for tonight.” said her mother.

Then she got her a storybook. It was a slightly longer book, about fifty for the thirty two. Her mother left the room, and she opened the cover. Every time she opened the book was a new experience, yet never really read it. Instead she imagined herself flying on the dragons with the book. The dragons looped, flying in the sky. Kara closed the book, then said goodnight to it with a hugging embrace.

Kara tried to sleep, but could not. When she saw a glowing yellow light in her room, she jumped. Thus being to scared to dream, she crawled out of bed onto the floor that was still cold from the evening. Then noticed reality and dreams becoming a single cloth of time. The fairy with the skull-mask disappeared. Many more fairies walked the room as if they didn’t see her, walking through the walls as if to the office.

Then they all disappeared, in a single poof.

Kara heard a roar in the night. Then smiled because she thought she heard a dragon. Could it possibly be a dragon, she thought. Not being able to sleep for the evening, she walked to the door. Took a long time to open it. A light glowed as a the door cracked open. There was a forest, but no ordinary forest, instead one of withered trees. Roots were torn from the floor. Crows stared at her, at the door. They sang a tune, “No more, no more.” Then flew away, and became never more.

Kara walked through the what felt like an infinite loop of withered trees. She shivered, for the forest felt like it never became day. Looking into the sky, a storm. But not an ordinary storm. Clouds of brown and charcoal swirls. Then as she walked further, she reached what seemed a desert of the sands of grey. Kara saw a large skeleton dragon laying on the ground, that had it’s head pointed toward the sky with it’s mouth open. Eyes were not there, yet conveyed a sense of longing for the forever more.

A voice, but no ordinary voice, only called such by the fact that it was not silence. Not a growl, not a screech, but nothing there. Millions of images went into her head, about the times of growing flowers. Then nothing more, nothing there into the night. Words went into her mind, “Fair child, what is your name. ... Why have you come? This realm ... was not meant for ... humans. No children not of fairies born.”

“I could not sleep, I want to explore.” Kara said.

“That and nothing more?” the skull-dragon said.

She hopped onto the dragon. They flew to nowhere.

Forever more. Dragon sang it’s tune:

Where once a mortal ones to be, Now as ever, flew to nevermore. Where many long to be free. That’s good enough for me.

Then she woke up, and found it was a dream that next morning. She opened the storybook, and there a dragon to see. That looked like the same dragon as before, only the dragon was smiling flying into a world where white night flowers grew once.

Into the light.